We offer a huge amount of products for your pets and provide advisory services with respect to the goods we sell.

What you will find in our stores:

  • More than 200 species of aquarium fish
  • A full range of goods for hobby fishkeeping and herpetoculture, necessary items for rodents and birds
  • Food, treats, toys, carriers for your beloved pets
  • A full range of goods for your cats
  • Aquarium plants – more than 200 types
  • Birds: more than 10 species of parrots (budgies, cockatiels, agapornis, and more)
  • Terrarium animals: snakes, chameleons, lizards, spiders, tortoises and turtles, etc.
  • Rodents: pigmy rabbits, Guinea pigs, hamsters, brown rats, gerbils
  • Frozen food for aquarium fish – buzzer midge, artemia, koretra, beef heart, etc.
  • Regular doses of live food for terrarium animals – crickets, cockroaches, locusts, worms
  • Hobby fishkeeping – aquariums, equipment, pharmaceuticals, food, decoration
  • Hobby herpetoculture  – terrariums, equipment, substrates, light bulbs

Other services:

  • Upon registration of a discount card – a discount on every purchase and every item
  • Advisory services with respect to the sold goods

Opening hours

Mo - Su: 9:00 - 20:00

Phone: +420 413 034 499

Email: info@zooshopxxl.cz

Internet: http://www.zooshopxxl.cz/