Super Zoo

A pet store with animal supplies and pet accessories

What you will find in our store:

  • Dogs: dog food and delicacies, toys, sports equipment, bowls, fountains, beds, crates, cages, dog houses, antiparasitic drugs, dog leashes and leads, LED dog collars and harnesses, dog playpens, barriers and doors, dog skin and coat, teeth, eye and ear care products, travel bags, bags, backpacks and bike trailers
  • Cats: cat food and delicacies, toys, cat tunnels and trees, cat walking accessories, harnesses, bowls, fountains, scratcher posts and condos, travel crates, bags, bike trailers, antiparasitic drugs, stress relief drops, beds, hooded cat beds, cat houses, doors, cat skin and coat, teeth, eye and ear care products, toilets, beddings, and cat litter shovels
  • Aquaristics: fish food, aquarium plants and fertilizers, artificial substrates, aquarium accessories, aquarium equipment and spare parts, aquarium filters, compressors and aeration, aquarium air pump, aquarium heaters, medications, vitamins and minerals, sea aquarium equipment and supplies, aquarium furniture sets, lighting, aquarium cleaning and water treatment, and aquarium decorations
  • Rodents: cages and crates, cage equipment and accessories, vitamins and food supplements, walking harnesses, playpens, crates, food, fountains and water feeders, bowls, hay bedding, cleaning supplies and odor control products, identification tags, beddings and toilets, houses and beds, coat, and nail care products, bathrooms and sand baths, toys, running wheel, exercise balls, gyms, etc.
  • Birds: cages and aviaries, vitamins and vitamin pearls, feather, beak and nails care products, antiparasitic drugs, food supplements, bird food and delicacies, outdoor bird supplies, cage equipment, perches, sand and beddings, feeders, bird baths, crates, mirrors, swings, ladders and ropes, chimes and sparkling toys
  • Terraristics: terrariums, beddings and substrates, breeding aids, terrarium lightning and heating systems, thermometers, hygrometers, pumps and filters, fauna boxes, faunariums and crates, bowls and feeders, food and vitamins, terrarium clips, plants, reptile habitat backgrounds, back walls, natural decorations, supplements and vitamins, and terrarium cleaners
  • Ferrets: cages and accessories, bowls, water feeders, breeding aids, crates and bags, food and delicacies, tunnels, gyms, mice, balls, balloons, beddings and toilets, coat, ear, eye, nail, teeth care products, beds and hammocks, walking harnesses, and ferret leashes
  • Garden ponds: fish food, aquatic pond plants, water cleaning and treatment equipment, water reservoirs and fountains, medications, garden pond lighting, garden pond equipment, filter, pumps, compressors, nets.

Other services:

  • Card payments
  • Gift vouchers
  • Sale of live animals: rodents, birds, aquarium fish, terrarium animals

Opening hours

Mo - Su: 9:00 - 20:00